October 2011

The Seventh  Rockdale Math Competition

The seventh competition was the first in the new Magnet School building.

The tournament took place on October 29. We had a record number of participants, which is a great thing -- except that this was the first tournament in the new, smaller, building. Space was tight, but we managed to fit everyone in a classroom. We rescinded our previous rule that a high school may only bring a single varsity team if that school also brings a JV team. This year we allowed a single free varsity team with a JV or a middle school team, or a school could pay for a single Varsity team. As a result, the varsity division was larger than in previous years.

Again we offered an ARML-style competition, with a Power, Team, Relay, and Individual rounds. Each school was invited to bring one or two six-student teams in each of middle school or junior varsity, with an additional varsity team.

The competition papers will be included in a future edition of the “Problem Book”.

Trophies were awarded to the top 3 teams in each of middle school, junior varsity, and varsity per classification, and the top 12 middle school individuals, the top 12 JV individuals, and the top 12 varsity individuals were each recognized with a trophy. Additionally, the overall first place team winners won a Rockdale Math Competition T-shirt.

Listed here are all team rankings per level and the top individual winners in each category.