November 2010

The Sixth  Rockdale Math Competition

The sixth competition took place in November 2010.

Originally planned for October 23, the date conflicted with a huge Band competition on our campus. The only date available to us was then November 13. This date conflicted with two other math tournaments in the state, so we felt fortunate to have so many participants. We continued with our rule that a high school may only bring a single varsity team if that school also brings a JV team. As a result, the varsity division was smaller than in previous years, but the JV division became more competitive.

Again we offered an ARML-style competition, with a Power, Team, Relay, and Individual rounds. Each school was invited to bring up to three six-student teams in each of middle school or junior varsity, with an additional varsity team.

The competition papers will be included in a future edition of the “Problem Book”.

Trophies were awarded to the top 3 teams in each of middle school, junior varsity, and varsity per classification, and the top 13 middle school individuals, the top 15 JV individuals, and the top 9 varsity individuals were each recognized with a trophy. Additionally, the overall first place team winners won a Rockdale Math Competition T-shirt.

Listed here are all team rankings per level and the top individual winners in each category.